Warping Plastic Cars (Old Way)

Simple, non-scorching way to warp a plastic freight car.

Note, this an older way I would have done this, 10+ years ago (from 2019).  Look for a new way coming in the future.

So, in the past I've used a grill lighter to warp a few freight cars, to get that beat up look. But I found out the lighter would heat it too fast and scorch or catch the plastic on fire. Yesterday I had a "vision", since I have an electric stove, it'll create controllable heat, and has no flame!

WARNING!!! The grill gets HOT and so does the plastic! Use extreme caution!!!!

I used a grill price on top of a metal grate from a pizza stone, to create a work area just above the grill.

Making, AND weathering real wooden ties in HO scale.

Just a simple way I'm making and weathering "old" ties in HO scale.

Warning! A portion of this article is explained two different ways. One version uses a grill lighter. Children should NOT attempt this with out adult supervision!

Now that thats out of the way, we can begin. For this article, you'll need the following:
● Hobby Knife
● Balsa wood sheet ~3/32" thick for HO
● Grill Lighter
● Brown, Gray & Black chalks
● Dullcote
● Rust colored paint
● Paint thinner
● Tweezers or needle nose pliers

Optional replacements/removals:
● Pre-cut ties replacing the balsa sheet
● Not using the lighter

Weathering Steps on an Ex-SP AC4400CW

This step by step, though incomplete, was posted by @the_baron_of_basin on Instagram, to his story.  I screenshot it, and lost it.  I recently discovered that it had backed up to my google photos, so it's here now for posterity!

A little on my weathering and what I use. I used to use a old bit of track on a bit of wood to weather my rolling stock and locos but a friend gave me an old record player turntable that he had no use for so I've pulled it apart and made this for weathering on.