Getting That Faded Look (Version 2)

Paint & Weathering Simple, yet tough, right?  Here's how I did it.  Fading those trains, version 2.

So, in the past I had played with fading a few boxcars using Acrylics from Wal*mart(Getting That Faded Look (Version 1)).  All this time I've been telling myself I prefer enamels, due to their "superior" thinning ability.

The items needed:

  • White, or off white paint, I use Antique White, from Floquil
  • Airbrush reducer/thinner, I'm using the Large metal can from Testors/Model Master
  • Airbrush, pick your favorite
  • Equipment to be faded
  • Masking material (optional)
  • Rubber cement, to mask small spots (optional)

I mix the paint about 75-80% thinner/reducer to 20-25% paint, or in that range.  Make sure to do some test sprays, as sometimes it can be watery.  I found that Antique white works the best as its a little more creamy looking, and just simply looks better when thinned & sprayed over.

Spray in quick, light coats, as its easier to build up, then to tear off.

You can add a few drops of red, orange, yellow, green, ect to help fade an white lettering, however the off white of antique white does already do this, ever so slightly.  Another idea would be to add some brown/tan/earth colors to get a slightly dirty, faded look.  I'll post another article in a few days covering dirty over spray.

Always use lots of reducer as it make the fading job go slower, but keeps it from looking over done...

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