Chipped Paint Effects

This article is adapted from a message shared with us on Instagram after Edward posted an image in his story.

Story photo screenshot.

I reached out to Edward after seeing that story photo on Instagram.

Edward graciously responded and described his process as follows:

So.  What I use is tamiya red brown spray paint (the short can). Let it dry. 

Once the red brown dries, I dab with AK acrylic heavy chipping. The more you add, the more chipping will show.  You can add layers of the chipping if you really want heavy chipping.  So once you add the desired amount and random spots, let the chipping dry.

Once dry, you add your final desired color.

Then I use any desired vallejo air color paint for the air brush. Or you can use tamiya spray paint colors if possible.

Once it's all dry.....I used the edges of a peice of pink insulation foam board.

Move that peice in the desired way....hard or lightly scribble.

The pink insulation foam board peices give me a more durable way of working.

The more pressure you add, the heavier chipping you get.

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