Weather a Container with AK Interactive Weathering Pencils

AK Interactive introduced these Pencils several years ago, and I've discovered they're very handy to weather a Container realistically and quickly.

The pencils are sold in multi packs and singles. I've found the best sources online are Hobbylinc (multiple packs) and Amazon.

In this article I used two colors, a micro brush (also found on Amazon) and water. I've found I can do most containers with one of four colors, Earth Brown, Light Rust, Dark Rust, and Chipping (note: I've linked the pencils for your convenience, because aware that they are commission links with Amazon, anything I make from the links gets reinvested into this website).

For this article I weathered an Aurora Models 45' container.

I began by dipping a micro brush in water, then letting most off on a paper towel, I rubbed the wet micro brush on the Earth Brown pencil, then painted the color onto the exposed IBC posts on the sides and ends of the container.

Alternatively you could wet the rib, then color the rib with the pencil, as if you were drawing on a wet post.

Final method would be to dip the pencil in the water and then color on the post.

All 3 methods work equally well, but I prefer the micro brush for the initial application, to color the posts.

I then used the micro brush and the first method to paint the Earth Brown into the bottom side sill and below the doors on the back.

I then moved onto the Dark Rust, this time I used the 3rd method and dragged the wet pencil over the IBC boxes on the top and sides of the container.

For the most part this completed the model, maybe a light working of the Rust with the micro brush along the top edge on some containers to give variety.

A good coat of Dullcote will seal the model. If you ever do something you don't prefer, just use a clean wet micro brush and you can remove the AK Interactive pencil from the model (before you dullcote).

Drop me a message in the forums if you have and questions or comments!