Warping Plastic Cars (Old Way)

Simple, non-scorching way to warp a plastic freight car.

Note, this an older way I would have done this, 10+ years ago (from 2019).  Look for a new way coming in the future.

So, in the past I've used a grill lighter to warp a few freight cars, to get that beat up look. But I found out the lighter would heat it too fast and scorch or catch the plastic on fire. Yesterday I had a "vision", since I have an electric stove, it'll create controllable heat, and has no flame!

WARNING!!! The grill gets HOT and so does the plastic! Use extreme caution!!!!

I used a grill price on top of a metal grate from a pizza stone, to create a work area just above the grill.

Weathering Steps on an Ex-SP AC4400CW

This step by step, though incomplete, was posted by @the_baron_of_basin on Instagram, to his story.  I screenshot it, and lost it.  I recently discovered that it had backed up to my google photos, so it's here now for posterity!

Modeling Rusty Bridges

By Keith Wilhite

Although it is possible to create the appearance of rust by using paints, chalks and other weathering materials, I discovered another way to do so during a visit to a paint store a few years ago. Located among faux finish paint products made by Modern Masters, I discovered a product called Metal Effects Iron Paint and Rust Activator.

The Iron Paint is a dark grey waterbased acrylic, which suspends the microscopic particles of genuine iron. It is a rather thick paint and will need to be thinned by as much as fifty percent with water, in order to pass through an air-brush. Only external mix air brushes are recommended, due to the thickness of the paint, even when thinned. It will require a fair amount of air pressure to move the paint, from thirty to forty PSI.

Gunky Hitches

Making, AND weathering real wooden ties in HO scale.

Just a simple way I'm making and weathering "old" ties in HO scale.

Warning! A portion of this article is explained two different ways. One version uses a grill lighter. Children should NOT attempt this with out adult supervision!

Now that thats out of the way, we can begin. For this article, you'll need the following:
● Hobby Knife
● Balsa wood sheet ~3/32" thick for HO
● Grill Lighter
● Brown, Gray & Black chalks
● Dullcote
● Rust colored paint
● Paint thinner
● Tweezers or needle nose pliers

Optional replacements/removals:
● Pre-cut ties replacing the balsa sheet
● Not using the lighter

© 2019, Josh Baakko, https://www.modelrailroadtips.com

© 2019 Josh Baakko https://www.modelrailroadtips.com
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A little on my weathering and what I use. I used to use a old bit of track on a bit of wood to weather my rolling stock and locos but a friend gave me an old record player turntable that he had no use for so I've pulled it apart and made this for weathering on.

Weathering A Boxcar Roof

Products used to weather up a roof