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My Top Five: Decal Suppliers

3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #56 by jbaakko
Anyone who's ever painted an undecorated unit, or weathered a train car, eventually needs decals.  These are my five favorite:

- Microscale, veteran decal manufacturer, covers nearly everything you'll need.  Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 sheets to accomplish one model however.

- Smokebox Graphics, relitively new to the market (under a decade), they provide great data and patch sets for modern freight cars, and noteably reflective stickers, to replicate modern post 2015 cars.  Sheets usualy last you 3 or more freight cars, with the reflective sheets covering dozens.

- Circus City, like Smokebox, this company is newer, but creates some great sets.  Noteable, is a sheet for my Arrowedge container, some good MOW vehicle sheets, and even a faded logo Railbox set!

- Highball Graphics, has hundreds of sheets, noteable are some famous freelance railroads, great tank car data, and hundreds of sheets for Northeast and Canadian railroads.

- Lastly, there's Switchline Decals.  What makes his sheets great, is that he'll make up a custom sheet for you!  Prototype decals he'll make a whole sheet, sell you the one, and list it for sale for other buyers on his website.  I've gotten many sheets from him, check them out here:

You can also buy Model Railroad Tips' custom run decals here:

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