Chicago Models BNSF 198 decals

I recently received an amazing set of decals, perfect for one of the most unique locomotives on the BNSF roster.  GP60 #198 was built for Texas Mexican Railway, then made it's way to Vermont Railway where it was repainted, before it arrived at BNSF who subsequently patched the unit, but it has not been repainted into BNSF colors.

This red GP60 will be modeled, as soon as I clear a few other units from my workbench.

Photo Copyright Frank Wells, used with permission, do not copy or repost this image.

Christopher Williams (Chicago Models) developed this whole decal set to model #198, and the decals are available through his Instagram, or website.

This initial review is a view only.  I'm awaiting a new Proto 2000 GP60 to model this unit, and at that time I'll edit this article to post my impressions of this decal sheet.  I have use his decals in the past, however, and I can happily say that he uses some of the thinnest decal film possible, and my MWCX decals applied smoothly and evenly.  Those decals will be available for purchase here soon.

The colors on the sheet are evenly applied, and appear to be accurate to the prototype.  Numbers are smooth, non-grainy, and don't show any color mixing issues seen in multi color home printed decals usually printed with an ALPS printer.  I do not know the model of printer he uses, nor do I feel that should be shared, but clearly it does it's job effectively!

If you're in need of custom decals, send Chicago Models a message!

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