Vintage Santa Fe in San Diego

Recently while browsing my photo collection I found a vintage photo, dated July 1967.

Noting the location, a Southeast view from the west station platform of the Santa Fe Depot in San Diego, looking at the San Diego electric plant, I went looking for some of my own photos in the same location.

This photo was taken July 30th 2005, and shows the electric plant as an empty core of a building, waiting for its fate.

3751 departing San Diego, May 2010

A Youtube video of ATSF 3751 departing San Diego, May 2nd 2010.

Here is a video of 3751 departing San Diego on May 2, 2010

L'Anse Michigan in Three Different Eras

Three eras, three different railroads.  From Soo Line to Wisconsin Central, and modern Canadian National.

It might be no secret, or you might not know.  I grew in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, home to great classic railroads such as the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic (DSS&A), Soo Line, and Wisconsin Central.  L'Anse MI played host to all 3 through the eras, and now is home to Canadian National.  I grew up in the Wisconsin Central era.

In 2019, I was home visiting, and by happy accident, happened upon a CN crew servicing the L'Anse area.

Miramar Mysteries


My school schedule requires me to bounce between Campuses, and on certain days my commute takes me directly over the Miramar Wye, in San Diego, CA, right when the afternoon commuter rush begins. Add in a fairly large break before my next class begins, and you've got a young railfan's dream schedule. This was my first time actually venturing down to the Wye, and I was trying to solve a mystery. Unfortunately, I didn't solve it. If anything, I added to my confusion. I was also trying to photograph trains, of course. In that endeavor I was actually fairly successful, but when everything runs on a published timetable it's harder to be unsuccessful than it is successful. First up is Amtrak 583, Northbound (RR Westbound) to LA (Images 1-3).