3751 departing San Diego, May 2010

A Youtube video of ATSF 3751 departing San Diego, May 2nd 2010.

Here is a video of 3751 departing San Diego on May 2, 2010

I only saw 3751 that day in San Diego and Carlsbad Poinsettia. I wanted to also catch it at Sorrento Valley, Oceanside, San Clemente, and somewhere in Orange County. Unfortunately I didn't.

This is one of the several 3751 I saw since 2008. I hope she goes on another San Diego trip soon like next year.

When I saw 3751 that day I saw a lot of my friends who I barely talk to anymore like Evan Gerdes, Mario T, Daniel Webber, Kevin Lieber, Stephen Hager, etc.

3751 had P42DC #13 behind her and it was the first time in my life I saw 3751 elephant style with a P42. It has Amfleet and Horizon cars behind it too. Plus it has had private cars in the consist as well.

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