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I'm often prodded, "Are you an know it all?"
Quite simply, yes.

Long answer, no.  Honestly, ask me how to do something, I'll either try to do it myself, or ask someone I know, who knows more!  I freely share these ideas, some of which I pay the authors out of my pocket for.

"Who are you?"
Me? Josh Baakko. Semi-professional modeler. Father to 2 kids and a step daughter, my oldest (3 total).  Victoria, my first born, loves trains just like her daddy.

I started Model Railroad Tips in 2006, to freely share searchable (SEO) articles, on how to do anything model railroad.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) hasn't been hot lately after the failure of my previous software, but were running again, and the software is more stable.  90% of the old articles are back.
I started this for YOU.
I despised paying for a service to educate me in how to approach a topic in model railroading.  Why would I pay for a service, and then learn nothing of what I wanted to?  Model Railroad Tips was formed like a forum, join, share, learn from others... With a searchable, set, article database.
I share everything I do.  Sometimes, these articles end up kind of raw.  Raw, because you see my failures, and I discuss how to make it better (mostly without the better option pictured).
Share with us your ideas, and how you made my articles better.

This is who I am. Josh Baakko, always learning, always sharing.  Send me an email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or DM me on Instagram @modelrailroadtips or Facebook www.facebook.com/ModelRailroadTips/
© 2021, Josh Baakko


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