A little on my weathering and what I use. I used to use a old bit of track on a bit of wood to weather my rolling stock and locos but a friend gave me an old record player turntable that he had no use for so I've pulled it apart and made this for weathering on.

The locomotives I'm weathered today are 3 pacific national 92/93 class UGL c44aci models from Auscision models. All models will be fitted with GE 7FDL-16 sound at a later date. The locomotives have been weathered to look like the locomotives used on the hunter valley coal trains as you can see from the last photo used as reference.

I use Humbrol Enamel paints to weather my locos and rolling stock here are all the things I use to weather with.

Humbrol number 64  118 and 33 mixed together to make the color I'm after, add to that mineral turpentine to make a wash and use a wide brush to apply the wash all over the locomotive.

Then with my air brush with a 50/50 mix of mat [Matte] black around the exhaust and to the back of the loco and a 50/50 mix of light brown over the bogies and under frame.

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