Monster Modelworks, Monster Nailer

$10...  What a deal!  The Monster Nailer is a simple tool, with two sharp points at one end, and a single point at the other.  It's advertised as a tool to add nail holes & knot holes to wood kits, such as craftsman structure kits.  It can also be used as a glue applicator.

Pro-Tech Etched Nuts/Bolts

Charlie from Pro-Tech was generous enough to send Model Railroad Tips some sample products.  In this article we'll check out the etched nuts/bolts.

As you can see, they come packaged with a nice pink backing.

I decided to test these out on a Scale Segmental Bridge Co. [see HO Scale Concrete Segmental Bridge Side-by-Side Comparison for more] slab girder bridge.  I used the nut-bolt version, shown above on the right-most 10 rows.

Compare the Detail Associates square lag bolts provided in Scale Segmental Bridge Co. kits on the right, with the Protech etched bolts on the left.
Closer view of the Protech bolts. I painted them a rusty color before installing, right on the backing they came on on in the package. I used a tiny dab of Aleene's Tacky Glue to attach the bolts.

Over all I feel the Protech bolts are an amazing product.  The nut/bolt version I used could use a slightly more pronounced bolt in the center, but I think that's a cast-off of the etching limiting the process.  I'll continue to look for more uses for these bolts.

I recommend you check out Protech's products.  Use the banner at the bottom of the newsletter to visit their website.

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Chain Link Fencing, from Pro Tech

Several companies offer chain link fencing, ranging from mesh fabric (tulle), to etched metal sheets.  Pro Tech happens to be one of them.  Judging from the package, it seems like the Pro Tech version might offer a little more length per dollar then other companies, however I did not compare side-by-side (in the future I will).

Included in the package is a plastic tube, containing styrene rod for fence posts, and a fabric mesh rolled around the tube.

Sponsored Product Review: Pro Tech Signal

Pro Tech Sponsored Product Review

Charlie from Pro Tech was generous enough to send me four product samples for review/use.
This is the first of four reviews.

My sample signal came boxed in a clear plastic case to prevent any damage while shipping.
As far as I know all Pro Tech signals are shipped this way. I requested the 3 light signal
(PTMR 11), however searchlight signals are also available. They're also available for N

Plano Model Products Knuckle Baskets

Knuckle Baskets?  What are they? Who used them?  Whoa, slow down there buddy!

Plano Model Products introduced "knuckle baskets" back in May of 2009.  I happen to have samples of most of the baskets offered, and really have not put them all to good use yet.  What are they?  Well, knuckle baskets are a simple storage container, usually mounted on the walkway of a diesel, to hold spare knuckles for couplers.  They can be easily found by looking at photos of nearly every Norfolk Southern unit.

I happen to be working on two projects that require them.  The first is a GP40-2, Ex-Conrail, which I'm working up an article on.  The second is a NS D9-40C, the standard cabbed, 4000 HP version of the now common Dash 9 series.

NS 8782, Goffs CA, September 1st 2006, Josh Baakko

Chicago Models BNSF 198 decals

I recently received an amazing set of decals, perfect for one of the most unique locomotives on the BNSF roster.  GP60 #198 was built for Texas Mexican Railway, then made it's way to Vermont Railway where it was repainted, before it arrived at BNSF who subsequently patched the unit, but it has not been repainted into BNSF colors.

This red GP60 will be modeled, as soon as I clear a few other units from my workbench.

Photo Copyright Frank Wells, used with permission, do not copy or repost this image.