Chain Link Fencing, from Pro Tech

Several companies offer chain link fencing, ranging from mesh fabric (tulle), to etched metal sheets.  Pro Tech happens to be one of them.  Judging from the package, it seems like the Pro Tech version might offer a little more length per dollar then other companies, however I did not compare side-by-side (in the future I will).

Included in the package is a plastic tube, containing styrene rod for fence posts, and a fabric mesh rolled around the tube.

I chose to test the fence material by making a large double swinging gate for my oil platform yard.  I scratchbuilt the frames, approximately 10'; tall, by 9'; wide, with a 2'; extension on the height for the barbed wire.  I used .020" styrene rod, and CA.  I also glued in a diagonal cross brace.  The hinge poles are .030" rod, with eye bolts for the hinges.  The gate frames have simple "L" pins, and drop into the eye bolts.

I used CA to attach the fence material, cutting a little large.  I used CA insta-set to harden the CA immediately.  Once cured, I trimmed the mesh back.  I used Roco Barbed wire for the barbed wire strands on top, but simple thread should work.  The gates were then painted Krylon Silver, from a spray can.

New gates installed over the tracks.

Over all, I think Pro Tech has a great product here.  I hope to do a comparison article sometime before the end of the year.

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