Resurrecting a Structure Kit

A years ago my dad dismantled my childhood layout, sending me some of the structures he didn't have a use for in his future plans.  Design Preservation Models' (DPM) "B. Moore Catalog/Showroom" was one of them.

If you've ever built, or thought of building a DPM kit, you'll know that they happen to be very challenging.  The kits are cast as flat wall sections, and have a considerable draft angle on the ends that needs to be removed.

I originally built my DPM B. Moore Catalog/Showroom kit back in ~1999-2000.  Even at that age (15-16) I knew that the draft angle needed to be removed for a good square corner.  After considerable sanding I got a somewhat square end.  I proceeded to paint the walls individually, then assembled the structure with Duco cement (a thick all purpose epoxy/CA type adhesive).  DPM included a THIN (.010") sheet of styrene for the roof, which I painted and installed, with some short sections of .030" styrene strip to brace it.  It worked, and had a place on my layout for 3 years before I left for the military.

Fast forward 2 years. My dad decided he no longer wanted to use the layout (he had occasionally), so he began removing the structures and scenery.  In 2008 he decided to part with some of the structures, sending me the DPM building I had built.

Structure as it came packaged by my dad. Four walls and a roof.