Cheap & easy way to save parts.

How I keep from loosing screws.

Ever loose screws and small parts when dismantling something for custom work? Ever forget
what they went to?

I've always had an issue with loosing screws and coupler boxes when I worked on stuff.
I've resorted to small zip lock baggies, but try and buy 100+ of them at a store, they'll begin to
think you're dealing drugs! I recently happened across a new, more brilliant, cheep idea.

The small screws in my Walthers Bi-level commuter coach needed to be stored. I
randomly thought about using a sticky note, flipped over so that the sticky side was up. This also
allows me to write on the note, where they go. However I didn't have any sticky notes! So I
decided on some masking tape instead.

Starting with a 3 inch piece of tape, simply fold an inch or so back onto itself to allow for
your writing, and leave around an inch exposed. Now stick the screws and/or parts to the tape,
and there you have it, a "fail safe" storage system.

© 2007 Josh Baakko,