Avoiding Paint Clean-up Confusion

How I avoid dipping water based paints in thinner.
Short, simple, and easy tip to avoid clean up issues.

When painting with a brush, there were times where I would mistaken an Acrylic
for an Enamel and dip the brush in thinner. If you've ever dipped an Acrylic in
thinner, you'll know, trying to water wash it afterwards always stinks! You can't
get all the paint off, and wind up letting it dry then re-dipping it in the thinner. I've
come up with a short, and simple tip to relieve that issue.

In a previous article (Painting Fine Mesh Grills (HO & Smaller)) I used an
Elmer's "painters" paint pen to color grills.

Elmers Painters Pen

Using that same pen, I write a simple "W" or "T" so that I can remember what I
need to clean it up. You can use any letter you like, in my case they stand for
Water and Thinner, respectively. I find it much easier to remember what I need
now, no more thinner on Acrylics!


(Originally published 2008, Author Josh Baakko)