Thin, Flexible Hoses, a New Modeling Idea

Fishing line modeling, a new modeling idea.

So, I've been using 25lbs test fishing line to make the hoses on my weed sprayer car, when I realized it can be used to make a number of flexible hoses in scale! Here's some ideas I've come up with, or that have been suggested. If you've got a new use, please take a picture provide a short description and send it to me, I'll get it in this post.

In order to paint, you'll have to use a paint that stays flexible, such as Tamiya paints used on RC cars.

  • Air & product lines on a weed sprayer car (see: Building an HO Scale Asplundh Weed Train Sprayer Control Car) 25lbs test line.
  • Air lines in semi trucks, 5lbs or 10lbs test for HO.  Coil it around a narrow, long screw, carefully heat, then let cool. The line should now hold that coil. Paint red, blue, green or black, depending on era & what you're modeling. $5-$10 for the line will get you HUNDREDS of trucks.

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