Book Review: Guide to Narrow Gauge Modeling - Kalmbach Books

A Model Railroader book written by Tony Koester

I picked up this book some time ago, and have casually read it over the last year or so. Unknown to most, I have a casual interest in Narrow Gauge railroading, and have always wanted to model something.

My primary interest lies in the Quincy & Torch Lake, a short haul mining railroad that was located in Michigan's Upper Penninsula. The equipment was unique so its a true modelers railroad.

This book was good by all means, for a typical Model Railroader published hobby book.

My most major criticism is that the book has a ton of fluf. It repeats the same topics and each paragraph, while having a topic, seems to muddle with the previous chapters.

Be prepared for lots of stale "re-reading" even if it is concise in the Narrow Gauge topic. For a casual non-narrow minded hobbyist, it might very well be a skip. Use your hard earned money elsewhere.

Overall 3.5 out of 5