Quick Review: Evemodel HO Scale 40' Container

Evemodel recently showed up on the internet, as a factory brand offering several of the models they produce in their factory under their own brand.

I recently purchased their 3 packs of 40' containers, in MSC, TEX, & CAI. These models are available on ebay from the sellers Evemodel_fr and Evemodel_es, adding with others possibly. Having multiple eBay pages allows a factory like Evemodel to list more than eBay will allow.

I have a confession to make. This is the 2nd time I'm writing this article. I spent 30 minutes typing a great review and then lost everything! So here goes...

The listing I bought from, includes 18 schemes and you get 3 containers with different road numbers.

Imagine Copyright Evemodel_fr on Ebay, screenshot of the listing I purchased for this review.

The paint is well applied and mostly correct as far as I can tell. The door bars are cast integral to the shell, but are painted silver, and look great considering they're part of the casting.

The floor is flimsy, however in normal use it should be hidden, so it doesn't affect the model.

The corner posts (IBC) feel slightly too tall, but when stacked this creates a prototype like separation between the containers. Evemodel followed HO scale convention and includes a cast pin on the bottom IBC that mates up with an open hole in the top IBC meaning the containers can stack with most other brands.

I noted earlier that the paint is mostly correct. I contend that Evemodel is a factory that Walthers uses (you'll understand if you view their listings). The color of the Evemodel MSC containers is tan, matching that of Walthers 45' & 20' that I have access to. Prototype MSC containers are more yellow than the models.

April 16th, 2021, Josh Baakko

I semi-corrected this point color with a color filter, airbrushed on.

Despite this paint discrepancy, I feel the models price point, variety of paint schemes and their continued availability makes for a great addition to intermodal trains. I'm giving the model a 4 out of 5.