Quick Review: ExactRail 4427 Covered Hopper

I never did (yet) get a first run ExactRail 4427 low side covered hopper, but I pre-ordered a 2nd run, BNSF car, back in September 2009, here's my thoughts on it.

ExactRail did an amazing job on these 4427's, much better then the old Walthers model!  My car is fully assembled, in BNSF paint.  The paint is smooth, and all printing fully legible.

The details on this car are amazing, with the almost full brake rigging and installed train air line at the ends.  The air line on the side of the car is molded in two parts, so in the center of the car where they meet up, the parts like to warp offline.

The brake rigging is cut off at the trucks, to allow for proper swing.  The brake platform is etched, as is the roofwalk.  The roofwalk bows downwards in one location on both sides, right at the center of the car.

Roof hatch and unloading hatch detail is great.  The center sill of the car even has the open weight saving holes.

Kadee couplers come installed, as well as ExcatRail's beautiful 100T trucks with 36" wheels.

I could not find any real big problems with this car, and will definitely be buying more.  It rates a 4.5 out of 5 in my mind.

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