Quick Review: ExactRail 2420 Gondola

Decent, cheap RTR Gondola

I pre-ordered an SP version, to model SP 800012.

ExactRail's new Express Series has a great entry model.  This SP decorated 2420 Gon is well done.

All wheels are in gauge and the coupler set at the correct height.  The printing is well done, and fully legible.  Paint is smooth.

The details are sparse.  Brake rigging is included, and the coupler pockets are close to prototypical width.  Stirrup steps are very fine.  The road number and "logo" plates look great.  The brake wheel looks great.

The end and side ladders are molded on, and look good, however I'll be removing them to get the bent up look of the car I'm modeling.  The drop grabs are also molded on, as are the two end rib strips.  The strips on the end of the car should be thin sheet applied over the top of the horizontal ribs.  The brake platform is molded on.

I can only hope that there's an appropriate Plano product to replace the brake platform (Plano #130-132 should work).

All in all, for a $20 car, it is NOT a bad deal.  Thanks for another great product.

Here's the prototype I'll be modeling:

Since the time of this review, I've rebuilt, repainted, and weathered this model, then Exactrail did a re-release with the car number I modeled!  Here is the factory version of the car I chose to model with my first run car.

I feel this product deserves a 3.5 out of 5, for the molded on details.

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