Quick Review: BLMA Models Billboard

In early 2009, BLMA Models released this billboard in N scale, and later in the year, HO scale.  Also included is a hint to the hole size required for HO scale.

BLMA's ads are printed on cardstock, with a nice glossy finish.  I think I might test spray them with some satin clear to tone the glare down a bit.

There are no instructions included, but BLMA's website suggests to use a loop of tape, or double sided tape, to secure the ads, so they can come off in the future.  You could also use contact cement, or CA to secure the ads more permanently.

The drawback of not having any instructions, is the assembly of the leg to the rest of the model.  The short ladder should face either side (modelers discretion), but NOT to the inside of the "v" or the end.

The other problem would be what size hole is needed for the pole!  I have a foam layout so I cut it with a knife.  The pole on the HO model will require a 9/32 inch hole, according to my radius tool kit.

I had to file the top pin on the pole quite a bit to get it to set into it's mounting hole in the main body of the billboard.  I use Testors liquid plastic cement to connect the two parts.  I use the loop of tape idea to secure two ads, though I might replace it with a strip or two of double sided tape later on.

Microscale later released two Union Pacific themed billboards as a decal for this.  Item #87-1438 for HO scale, and 60-1438 for the N scale model.

This model deserves a solid 4 out of 5, losing a point for the lack of instructions and the filing effort needed to connect the two parts.

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