Quick Review: BLMA Models TopGon

A general look-over of the BLMA Models TopGon, in HO Scale.

Not going into depth with weight, or measurements, this review tells you what I see when looking this car over.

I received the in-stock notice from MB Klein saying the non-logo TopGon was in stock, and I immediately ordered one (last one according to the site!).

My model just came in today. Kudos goes out to BLMA for a PERFECT product, paint & printing is sharp. End detail, including wheel size info is included in the printing. Detail is one of the best on the market. The only thing it lacks is full brake piping and the train airline hose (I'll use a Hi-tech real rubber hose for the latter).

It comes with smooth, code 110 36" wheels on plastic axles, and scale sized knuckle couplers (Kadee?).

Weight feels appropriate (cannot weigh it, my scale broke).

Overall, this is a superb product for BLMA to make their entry into rolling stock with. If all future releases continue this way, BLMA will be a big contender in the rolling stock market [Ed. Atlas has since purchased, and continues to produce the former BLMA models line].

I feel this product warrants 4.5 out of 5.

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