Modeling GECX 809

GECX 809, AKA the first ever GE wide cab locomotive (other than the BQ23-7).

This Demo unit spent time showing it's new "wide cab."  This cab never made it to a production locomotive, but still exists as is!  The paint scheme is quite complex, even though it does not look so.

While there ARE Microscale decals to model this scheme, they require matching your hood paint to the decal.

I chose to mask and paint ALL of the stripes. If you look close, each stripe gets narrower from bottom to top.  I matched each stripe with tape, after painting the shell gray.  I then painted the red per Microscale suggestions.

This Overland brass model is relatively rare, and only a handful were delivered decorated, the rest undecorated like my version.

These units occasionally show up on eBay, but you can reach out to my friend Brian, son of the founder of Overland:

Weathering seen here is accomplished with PanPastel. Decals from Microscale.

This model was sold on eBay.  While I didn't get the profit I expected, the modeler certainly got the best GECX 809 on the market.  Displayed on a Scale Sentimental Bridge Co, concrete bridge (HO Scale Concrete Segmental Bridge Side-by-Side Comparison)

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