Fassett Studios Scale Rulers and Drafting Triangles

Available for N, HO, S, & O


Fassett Studios makes some etched acrylic rulers and drafting triangles, with scale measurements.


I discovered these neat products through a post on Model Trains Weathered.  All of the measuring tools are laser cut acrylic.  Tom (Fassett Studios) sent me drafting triangles in two sizes in HO scale, plus N, S, O, 1/72nd and 1/16".  He also sent an HO scale 6" ruler.


The tools are great, and within minutes came in handy.  Along with the tools he sent me a corrugated sheet die (which will be reviewed separately), and the HO ruler allowed me to cut rough 4' x 8' sheets.

The inch measurements match that of a Wescott 12" wood ruler.  The HO measurements match that of a free downloadable ruler.

The square ends of the drafting triangles are true, and line up perfectly with a square from Empire tools.

All of the drafting triangles have 45, 60/30 & 22.5 degree markings.  All etched markings were clear, and easy to read.

Overall these are GREAT products, I give them 4.5 out of 5, losing half a point for the availability factor.


I'd like to thank Tom Fassett, Fassett Studios for sponsoring the review, by sending me the tools. [Ed. in 2020, we were unable to confirm if these tools are still made.]

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