Tool Tip: Economy Flush Cutters


For $5 you can get yourself a decent set of flush cutters


Recently, during my nightly wandering of Wal*mart, while pulling freight to the floor for the stockers, I noticed a set of flush cutters for $5. If you're not familiar with flush cutters, here's a short description.


A flush cutter comes with a slightly tapered head, with the outer side being a flush joint, and the cutting profile being a “single edge”, taping towards the inside (handle side). The advantage of having a flush cutter is that you can get a smooth flush edge on the material you're cutting.



The popular brand for tools of this sort is Xuron. Xuron tools are available from Micromark. Wal*mart carries some cutters in the hardware section, however the flush cutter I found is available in the crafts section, beading isle. Costing a whopping $5 (you can get a few brands online for $4, but you have to pay shipping!), I felt is was very economical.



I use my flush cutters when removing details from models. When removing a boxcar door for example, I drill holes, then connect the holes with the flush cutter.

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