Carbon Black Cars

Just thought I'd throw this article up to resource some Carbon Black cars...

What is Carbon black?  Well Carbon black is a left over material from industrial burning, that is basically pure carbon.  It's used in tires, plastics, and much more.

Carbon black cars are fairly easy to distinguish from other covered hoppers.  They generally have black paint, and usually 3 bays.  The outlets are fairly distinctive, round hatches on a cone shaped bay.

Here's a reference photo:

Learn more about Carbon black here:

Here's a great resource page of Carbon black cars:

Rail Shop makes a nice Carbon black car in HO scale that represents an early era car (late 30's into the 40's).  While no longer produced, the cars show up at swap meets, and on eBay. has released two version of Carbon Black car in HO scale.

Accurail has done their ACF covered hopper in a carbon black scheme, but they do not have the correct outlets on the bottom.

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