EMD SD70 Series Water Sight Glass

EMD fitted a few SD70 series locomotives with a water sight glass.

From the Dash 2 series locomotives up until the SD70 series, EMD was fitting all hood units with a water sight glass, on one of the radiator doors.  This is a key identifying feature of Dash 2 locomotives.  The SD50 and SD60 series seemed to have been the last units to do so, but I discovered a UP SD70M with a water sight glass.

With a little photo reviewing, I've determined the following 70 series units have a water sight glass.

NS 2501-2531

CSXT 4675-4677 (EMDX 7000-7002)
UP 3974, 3978

SP 9800 (now UP 3974)
SP 9804 (now UP 3978)

At least one SP SD70M had a sight glass, though it was painted over:

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