Crew Change Point Modeling Idea

Recently Tom Huffman sent me the following photos of a crew change point on the BNSF, in Texas.  It's located in Saginaw TX on U.S. 287 business. This is located 1-2 miles south of the BNSF Saginaw TX yard.  This is a double track main line.

To model this you will need a small crossing for the crews to walk on and assorted other details visible in the pics.  Out of sight to the left in both pics are small trailer generators/floodlights.

As for modeling, we have several products on the market that would work great.  From Walthers, an BLMA, are some great rubber and concrete grade crossings that would look similar to the crossing shown above.  Also available are several laser etched wood offerings that might work just as well.

Here's an idea for a gravel crossing, which could be used the same way.  I modeled this on my layout, to allow crews to access some signal equipment.


Prototype photos © Tom Huffman; text & model photo © Josh Baakko