California Southern Model Railroad Club

My personal experiences with the club

The California Southern Model RR Club is located in what was a vacant building in the center of Norwalk's historical downtown, adjacent to an old Southern Pacific (now U.P.) branchline that runs down to Anaheim, CA. This string of downtown stores, dating back to the 1890s, are now some of Norwalk's oldest and are registered Historical Landmarks. Originally, this was one of Norwalk's local Markets and Drug Store. In the late 1940s the market closed down and the room was turned into a dance studio. A few pieces of the dance floor are still visible around the layout area.

I visited the club a few times in late 2010 and the first half of 2011, thanks to one of my old friends, Tyler Brett. Tyler is a friend who is a member of the club.

My first visit to the club was in December 2010, and Tyler and I ran his 3751 steam loco. The second visit was in March or the first weekend of April. I also visited a couple of weeks later which was my last visit to the club as of today. Here's a video of that visit:

 Overall, I feel like the club is relaxed and is a great club to run. I don't know when I will be up there again.

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