Ohm/Volt Meter

Using "Extension" Cords.

I often want to check the continuity of a wire where one end is somewhere many feet away from the opposite end. I have developed a way to extend my meter probes.

I purchased a roll of two strand wire, 50 ft long. First I have to empty the reel. Secondly not needing that long of an extension I cut the wire to 25 feet.

Take TWO (2) female sockets the size of your meter probes. (One Red One Black) Mount these in the ends of the reel as close as possible to the center axle. Solder the one end of both wires to these sockets. Now take a good piece of DUCT TAPE, and secure the wire and the sockets to the spool. Roll up the wire, now on the other (The Loose Ends) attach two alligator clips.(one red one black to correspond with the two female sockets. You now have TWO test wires.

Attach one clip to the wire in question. (Can use the second clip if your wanting to test Two Wires) Plug one of the meter probes into the female socket that matches the end you have the clip hooked up on and test as you would normally with the second probe of the meter. If you hooked up Two alligator clips, take the probe out of the Red socket and put it in the black socket, now check the second wire.

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