Redoing a Scale Vehicle

How I "fixed" a 1:87 (HO) Chevy Bel Air. Simple step by step, on giving your scale vehicles a different look.

When I was sorting a recent collection of the HO scale vans available at Wal*Mart, I discovered I had bought a
damaged one. Instead of just fixing it, I decided I'd take the wheels for one of my yellow & white Chevy Bell Airs.
Here's what I did.

Creating Worn Trailer Mud Flaps

- Cutting the flaps
- Melting the flaps
- Painting the flaps
- Installing the flaps

Tools: This one is quite simple, all you'll need is a sharp knife, a pair of needle nose
pliers, and a lighter of your choice to do the "damage." Paint & a brush to finish the part
off and to cover up and burn damage, and the glue to attach it to the trailer is also needed.