Chessie Paint

What colors I used, and other recommendations.

Recently I painted a Chessie fantasy BQ23-7.  Chessie paint was not available pre-mixed, unfortunately [Ed as of 2009, article now updated with Tru-Color Paints].

I ended up using Floquil UP Armor Yellow, Floquil SP Daylight Red, and Polly Scale C&O Enchantment Blue.

Since finishing, I was informed by Matt R that Accu Paint made Chessie colors, however they were not "perfect".  Floquil's C&O old Enchantment Blue is dead on, and Model Flex is decent.  Matt says that for Vermilion, use reefer orange and add caboose red until you're happy.

Brian E says Polly Scale ATSF Blue, UP Armour Yellow, & GTW Morency Orange are close matches for the colors used by Atlas.

In any case, those colors noted above are good, pick the ones you feel are best.  Tru-Color paint has since added exact colors to their lineup:
TCP-071 C&O/B&O Yellow
TCP-072 C&O/B&O Blue
TCP-079 Vermillion

But more than likely:
TCP-305 Chessie Yellow
TCP-306 Chessie Blue
TCP-307 Chessie Red-Orange

For more on the Chessie, see these books:
Chessie System In Color Volume 2: B&O West End
Chessie System (MBI Railroad Color History)
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