Stripping Factory Painted Models

From my prior paint removal efforts, a guide to what works (safely), on what models.

For anyone who models small railroads, has a free-lanced railroad, of just likes to paint.  Stripping can be done for a number of reasons, Undecorated versions not available, decorated versions cheaper, ect...

Here's a list of whats worked for me.

Manufacturer Stripping agent(s) that worked
Athearn (Bluebox, Genesis & RTR) Pine-sol, 91% Isopropyl, PS ELO, SC WA
Bachmann (Standard, Plus, Spectrum) Pine-sol, 91% Isopropyl, PS ELO, SC WA

Guide to products:

  • PS ELO: Polly Scale Easy Lift Off
  • SC WA: Scale Coat Wash Away
  • Pine-sol: Use Pine-sol Original Scent, off brands and other scents do not work as well.
  • 91% Isopropyl: aka Rubbing Alcohol, use only 90+, 70% will not work.

More in-depth articles cover the process of stripping factory paint:
Stripping Paint from a Decorated Model (Version 1)

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