Intermountain Cylindrical Covered Hopper Kit

What does an Intermountain cylindrical covered hopper kit consist of?

Kits have long been the mainstay of the model railroad hobby, only evolving into ready to run train cars in the past 2 decades.  So what really comes in a kit?  This is a short photo demonstration if an Intermountain cylindrical covered hopper.

Intermountain has since released these cars as RTR, but hearkening back to the old days, one can find these kits on eBay for little money, and spend a rainy day, assembling a kit again.

Intermountian kits had allot more parts than old Athearn blue box kits, or modern Scaletrains Kit Classics, and will take considerable skill to assemble, however when done right, they produce a great car!  Plano makes etched walkway kits, and I'd recommend replacing the kit trucks.

Here's a view of this car built up:

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