Making a 3 pane All-weather Window

How I made a 3 pane window

Short how-to on making 3 pane all-weather windows.

During the detailing of an SD9-3 I recently received off of a custom order, I realized, that there was NO 3 pane all-weather window available [Ed. This article is from October of 2006, as of 2019 Athearn sells a 3 pane].  So, I went out to my local hobby shop and picked up two packs of Details Associates all-weather windows, Walthers stock #

I then cut one of the panes in half from each frame, and glued them together, creating the middle pane of the 3 pane window.  After considerable drying, and some Testors Silver, I attached it to the unit.

I'll post a picture or two later if I can restore the lost photos from the old website software.

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