Nose Headlight for a Dash 8-40B

Recently I was asked to build a model of BNSF 577, a blue bonnet Dash 8-40B, with a nose headlight.  The Atlas model used, only came with the high headlight.

Moving headlights seems to be my specialty, but I usually end up having to move a headlight into the nose of an EMD product.  This would be my first GE move on a nose (I've done a move on a rear headlight on an ES44DC before).

I began the project by using a sharp new chisel blade to remove the cast on high headlight.

I used an Atlas MP15 headlight/number board housing.  I used the chisel blade to remove the number board portion, and then proceeded to file the remaining headlight portion square, and then thinned the profile by filing the back.  After I was near satisfied, I filed a gradual V into the back.

The new headlight was attached to the shell with Testor's liquid plastic cement. I'll be drilled out after painting & weathering, when the LED lighting is installed.

I installed a headlight blank from BLMA, these etched brass details are great for covering old headlight locations.  This part is now marketed by Atlas (  I also used the marker light blanks from the same kit, just outboard of the number boards.

I painted the installed parts, including the rooftop AC unit, with Tamiya Lemon Yellow paint.  This paint matched the factory Atlas yellow surprisingly well.

Weathering on this model was mostly accomplished with water mixable oils.

I hope this short article helps you in your headlight replacement endeavor!  I have one more of these to do, on a H1 Dash 8-40B for my own collection. Someday.

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