A-Line Bulls Eye Drilling Jig

A-Line sells this awesome Jig to drill a #50 hole in Athearn press fit coupler boxes.

This tool lets the buyer drill holes directly in the center of the coupler pin. This allows the modeler to add a screw down fix for the notoriously loose metal plates on older Athearn coupler boxes.

If you've ever owned an Athearn kit freight car or even passenger car, you know the bane of losing a metal coupler plate cover!

A-line has solved this with the Bullseye drilling and tap jigs. I purchased one back in October. I added a pin vise and drill bits from Amazon, however you can buy a whole kit from A-line.

The drilling jig presses into the post of the coupler pocket. Drilling through with a #50 drill will center the hole perfectly. The provided screws, also available separately, attach the metal coupler box cover securely to avoid it falling off, as they often do.

This drilling jig is a simple solution to an age old hobby problem. While you can drill by hand, this jig will keep your hole about as perfectly aligned as possible without using an expensive drill press.

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