The First Prototype Double Stacks

In 1977 Southern Pacific ordered a single unit, double stack intermodal well car from AC&F.  Classed F-70-81 by Southern Pacific, it became the first ever double stack car. It was capable of holding two 40' containers.  This car was numbered 513300.  This car has been preserved, and currently resides at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento CA.

Deemed successful, in 1979 AC&F delivered one three unit articulated set, classed FC-195-1 by Southern Pacific, this car was similarly equipped to handle two 40' containers in each well.  Southern Pacific reportedly broke up the set to repair a 5 unit set sometime in the late 80's.  It carried the number 513301.

In 1981, AC&F again delivered to Southern Pacific, this time a total of 41 five unit articulated sets.  The cars, classed FC-270-1, the cars were reported to be able to handle two 40' containers stacked in each well.  Judging by photos, I think they were capable of holding a 45' container in the top position.  They carried the numbers 513302-513343.

As far as I know, only #513300 exists today.  You can find plans in the October 1983 issue of Model Railroader, for the five unit sets.  Clyde King's models are well know in the model intermodal community:

And for HO scale modelers, Concept Models plans to release a resin kit sometime in 2011:

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