Prototypes for ExactRail Depressed Center Flats

HO Scale VS. Prototype comparison

Exactrail recently (Feb 8th 2011) released a depressed center flat in HO scale.  This car is not a model of any specific prototype, however it is based upon, and very close to the Conrail FE42A.

Here's ExactRail's listing for the car.  They provide a history of the GSI depressed center flats.

The Conrail Historical Society has one photo online of the FE42A class:

Being the closest model, I'd suggest anyone buying the ExactRail car that wants to remain as true to the prototype, only buy the Conrail version.

While the QTTX cars show similar lines, they're different in some ways.  I was unable to find any of the other versions they offer in any photos, to compare.  If I do, I'll update this article.

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