Quincy Mine Layout Tour

This small layout was on display in the Quincy Mine gift shop and ticket office, in 2019.

The layout depicts the Quincy Mine historical site, and the current Quincy & Torch Lake cog railway that takes you from the Mine site on top of Quincy hill, to a Mine shaft opening on the lower side of the hill. This is where tours go underground by foot to explore the mine.

Tour guests experience the mine and get a vast variety of knowledge and information regarding the operation of the mine and the people who worked there.

If you don't go on the tour, you can still see the cog railway in miniature!

I'm not completely sure as to the scale but my mind seems to recall it was HOn3. Yes, narrow gauge! The orginal mine railroad (also named Quincy & Torch Lake) was built to 3' narrow gauge standards. When the rebuilt cog railway was added for mine tour guests, they used the orginal gauge.

While this small layout appears to be more of a module, it is technically correct to call it a layout, as it models the entirety of the cog railway!

Be sure to cost the rest of the site for more mining and railroad history. The orginal Q&TL roundhouse has been restored, hosting some items including Q&TL #6. Be sure to check dates that the roundhouse is open!