Quick Review: Athearn Genesis GP40P-2

I recently acquired this incredible GP40P-2 model from Athearn Genesis. Athearn has been striving for detail and matching road number detail for detail.  These GP40P-2's were built for Southern Pacific with their usual light cluster.  It was repainted at least once in Southern Pacific hands, and later into Union Pacific paint after the merger.  #1373 models a unit in Union Pacific paint, with a lightning stripe on the hood, thus effectively dating this as a contemporary model.

As far as I can tell the unit closely follows #1373 as detailed, for modern day service.  Paint and detail application appear consistent with the prototype.

I especially like the light gray AC unit, and mismatched fans on the roof!

I purchased a DCC ready example in preparation for LED install and LokSound so I cannot test the operation of the unit.

As follows are some more photos showing of these great geeps from Athearn Genesis.  If you were looking at getting one, go ahead, you'll love it for sure!

Rumor has it some of the GP40-2's suffered from heavy damage in shipping to dealers, I cannot verify this, but my unit looks fine.  The handrails are clean, and smooth with now bowing, which is incredible in my mind, since nearly all the units I get with these plastic handrails have some issues.

All I need now is to weather it and add Sergent couplers (and the LED's and LokSound!).

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