Quick Review: Woodland Scenics Chain Link Fence

These "ready to install" fences come in N, HO, & O scale. Model Railroad Tips recently added these to our shop inventory so we felt it was needed to review the product and the installation of it.

These fences come ready to install in a variety of styles and scales. We picked up the chain link, as the kits available on the market aren't too easy to assemble. I opted to install these as a test on my programming track which doubles as a shelf layout and product test space.

The package came with two sections with grates, which are convincingly modeled, but non-functional.

There were also 6 sections with only fencing, 4 with no end posts and 2 with. The fencing is intended to alternate from end post section to non-end post. Once glued together, the posts mate to look like one continuous section.

Unfortunately Woodland Scenics decided to add some "weathering" to one section, at least that's what I assume. This looks very deliberate, rather than packing damage.

This could have been more effectively applied if it was truly intentional, but in any from this detracts from the kit.

As seen at the top of this article, I installed a short section between a trailer parking space and a sidewalk. This intends to replicate a fence used simply to guide pedestrians from walking thru the space, leaving room for trucks to park there safely.

I also tested installing a longer section in an unfinished "dirt" lot. I'll add the dirt and some weeds along the fence at a later time.

I did this long section first, and learned the hard way that the "legs" of the fences, intended to be installed in the ground to hold the fence up, are VERY soft. 3 of the 4 bent. I ended up needing to poke a hole with a T pin to install. I used Starbond Medium CA and Accelerator to bind the two sections.

The photo instructions are great, I didn't follow the drilling because I thought the blue foam of my modules was soft enough. Guessed wrong!

The only other thing to note about these fences, is that the double "vehicle gate" is only about 7 scale feet wide, far too narrow for trucks or industrial use, unfortunately.

Overall these fences are great and we desire to order more styles in the future to install, review, and for your modeling needs.

You can order direct from Model Railroad Tips here. Click the links above to purchase the super glue used as well. Starbond includes a 30 month warranty!

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