Quick Review: Atlas Gunderson 7550 Double Door Boxcar

This car came to Model Railroad Tips as payment for a custom weathering job. This is the long awaited, and previously mentioned in MRRT posts on WPM meets,  Atlas TBOX.

Back in 2018, we reported Atlas was working on this model. Factory changes and the pandemic delayed the models, I think we're just shy or 5 years! But man are they nice.

These fantastic models represent a very unique modern boxcar. The horizontal braces between the vertical ribs represent a similar prototype to the long ago released Exactrail car but these are 60' cars with two doors.

I particularly like the cars despite the long wait. Photos indicate an about 85% match to text on my prototype, although that's based on close numbers.

Wheels are in gauge and my model has all 36" per the prototype. Kadee couplers are installed, but droop to be in standard (i.e. they're high, but drooping to standard gauge height).

Weight is over per NMRA recommended practice. The car should be 5.25oz, but you can see it's 6.8oz! I'd still rather a slight overage like this, than under, especially for any enclosed car.

Overall I'd give the cars a clear 4 out of 5. The lost point is for the mold cast on the air reservoir and the droopy couplers.