Applying Scenery Foundation

An article by Stephen McCallum aka fsm1000. This is an authorized repost of his article, which was
originally posted on his website which he is now planning to close (posted to Model Railroad Tips in 2009).

This is how I basically made the basic foundation for everything that followed. I did it all in one big picture. I
hope you are able to follow along. There are four steps. If you want to keep the photo, right click it once you
open it up and choose 'save image as'. Enjoy.

Step One: Roughing up the area

Step Two: Applying the plaster cloth

Step Three: Different ways to plaster an area

Step Four: Doing the river area

I hope that this will give you an idea on how to proceed with your foundation on your layout. It is not as hard as
you might think. Mostly it is time consuming. Just take your time and go over one section at a time. Do small
areas at a time so as not to end up with a lump of plaster and a ruined area.
The biggest mistake beginners make is to rush the job. Just relax and it will get done faster then you think. It is
not a race after all. :)

© 2009, Stephen McCallum aka fsm1000,