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Relics of My Youth

The summer of 2018 I visited my home town of Hancock MI, here's some relics of my youth.

It was a somber time.  My dad ended up in the hospital the week prior to us leaving San Diego.  He was transferred to a nursing home where we visited with him, and he was able to meet his grandchildren.  Our last day of our visit to Hancock/Houghton MI, my dad passed away, prompting me to seclude myself and get to driving home.

But while we were there, I was able to grab a few remaining model railroad relics from my youth.  I'll treasure these forever.


While this is only two items, I did grab a few other things, and in the past my dad had sent me many others. These items no longer fit my modeling theme, but they're like treasured artifacts now, as my father is responsible for my lifelong hobby, and as a direct result, this website you enjoy!

Warping Plastic Cars (Old Way) shows how I modified this BN MOW brown gondola, in the mid 2000's.  I bought this car, along whit my father, in 1998-2000 time frame.

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