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Quick Review: HO Scale River Point Station Ford Expedition

Checking out the new River Point Station Ford Expedition EL.

Just a quick look over and first impression of the new release.

River Point Station started in the 1:87 (HO scale) vehicle market last year with some Ford F250 & F350 models.
Since, they've released a dually, and now the Expedition, along with a number of detail parts.

I purchased model number 536-7609.21, Platinum White, all over, including grille, satin chrome 20" wheels. I
plan to order a set of 17" wheels and swap them out, and install a light bar & push bar, to make this a law
enforcement vehicle.

The vehicle is very well made, and friction fit together, so disassembling the model is easy. The price point is
higher then that or most scale vehicles, but the quality makes up for that. The wheels roll smooth, and will make
for a decent addition to another model once I swap them out.

The vehicle comes with an interior, and tinted windows. The interior is complete, for the most part, though the
tail lights are exposed to the interior, so if you look through the windows you can see the red light glowing
through. I suppose this would aid in the install of lighting.

In all, its a GREAT model. Keep it up River Point Station, I cannot wait for the SSP Expeditions, and more
models after that. This model is worthy of 4 out of 5, based upon the price point.

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