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Quick Review: Plano GP30 Bell Bracket

A quick look at Plano's part #14805, GP30 Bell Backet.

Keith of Plano Model Products sent me this high hood bell bracket to look over before he released the product fully.

Plano did a great job on this part, at first it looked daunting, due the to small parts, but once I started assembling the bracket I realized its not that tough.

The hardest part was installing the small angle braces, I lost the first one immediately, then "borrowed" my wife's tweezers for the next two (one lost + two installed).  I used CA, and it seems to have worked perfectly fine.

I've installed a Kato bell in it, and over all it looks amazing, though I'd like to see the instructions, just to make sure I did it right!  The kit does not come with a bell, I'd recommend Kato, or Railflyer parts.

The kit comes with two etched bell brackets, and a drilling template.  I have no Southern GP30's to test the bracket out, but it looks good.

In any case, this is one of the best bell brackets on the market, and surely out does the Details West casting.  Thanks goes out to Plano Model Products for providing their product for this review.

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