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Quick Review: Athearn Ford Model A Sedan

A quick look at Athearn's Ford Model A Sedan in HO Scale...

Very nice classic Ford in HO Scale.

Athearn did great on this model! I convinced my wife to let me buy a Model A, or Model T, after looking, finding a
few in my price range, I've decided to wait until I buy a house. So, I went out and bought an Athearn version for
my layout.

The model is well cast, smoothly painted black, with even paint for the white walls. The gloss black wheels are a
bit over the top, flat black would have been better here. The chrome bumpers should not be on the vehicle if
modeling a period era, since chrome is a newer invention.

The license plate holder on the rear is molded colorless, but looks like it'll hold a plate decal well.

The wheels are a tad angled on the axles. It's fairly hard to see at a distance but might show in photos. Can't
complain to much here, when assembling Jordan kits the wheels do the same.

I'm giving this model a 4.5 our of 5, due to the slightly angled wheels & chrome.

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