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Why pay upwards of $20 for one of those phony beginner's hints websites, when you can have it all, plus more, for FREE?

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Well, for each year, there's a contribution award. Our first award is for the year 2009 (Jan 1 - Dec 31), and required 5 article submissions, or additional information for current articles. Learn more here. Persons who contribute will be awarded one shirt, with the option of button up long sleeve, polo short sleeve, long sleeve t-shirt, or short sleeve t-shirt.

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Featured Articles
How to make a custom BNSF AC44C4M
    The BNSF C44-9W has been the mainstream power on BNSF as well as the GEVO locomotives. As the oldest C44-9Ws turned twenty, the time had come to rebuild or retire them. So BNSF had twenty of the former ATSF Dash 9s rebuilt. The result: AC44C4M, and an HO model was built as well
Read more

Product Reviews
Quick Review: Athearn Genesis KTTX F89-F
An 2011 HO Scale release by Athearn
     This HO Scale release by Athearn in their Genesis series, from 2011, marked the best ever rendition of an 89' flat car in HO scale.  The detail is outstanding for the price point.  We can only hope that Athearn runs another release soon.
Read more

How to make a BNSF GP39-3
     BNSF rebuilt several ex ATSF GP35us into GP39-3. Athearn or Kato doesn\'t make the BNSF GP39-3 in HO so one was made from an Athearn GP35.
Read more

Product Reviews
Quick Review: True Line Trains Bulkhead Flat
An HO Scale release by True Line Trains
     This HO Scale release by True Line Trains includes several road names, to include CN, CNIS, DWC, DW&P, BCOL/BCIT, and BCR.  Most come in 6 road numbers, single and 6 packs, with 4 numbers for the BCOL/BCIT.  Model Railroad Tips acquired one CNIS orange car for review and weathering.  The following describes our thoughts.
Read more

Product Reviews
Quick Review: Walthers EMD F40PH, Amtrak/OLS #231
An Amtrak F40PH made by Walthers
   The Amtrak F40PH was Amtrak's primary locomotive from 1979 until the 1990s. Ultimately replaced by the GE Genesis series locomotives, they are still a favorite by Amtrak fans. Walthers, Kato, Bachmann, and Life Like have made the F40PH in HO. We'll be reviewing the Walthers model.
Read more

Product Reviews
Quick Review: True Line Trains MP36
Checking out the TLT MP36, details and operation
I was afforded the opportunity to stretch the legs so to say, of my new True Line Trains HO scale Metrolink (SCAX) MP36PH-3C on the overshadowed San Diego Model Railroad Association's HO scale San Diego & Arizona Eastern layout in Balboa park, San Diego.
Read more


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